Synoptic panels are made for individual customer order. Size, how it work’s, what is it made of and how it looks is decided by customer. Company serves suggestions and advices based on large experience in this field. Main part of synoptic panel is its content. Multicolor print of large display on plastic plate is placed in anoded alluminium. Outer size of table matches the demands of customer, typical size is B1 (1000mm x 707mm.). Synoptic panels are made in three widhts: 23 mm, 35 mm i 63 mm. 63mm widht is used when table contents switching parts. In many realisations a system keyboard or other driving device is inbuilded. Each table is supplied with a LED test button, which often serves as element to deleate acustic signal.

Content of the printout is prepared from resources supplied by the customer, those can be ACAD backrounds, building drawings on paper, hand drawings or photos. Project is generated in COREL DRAW, than in JPG format it is showed to the customer, and if accepted, the panel is constructed. Poiting elements in panels are LED diodes. These diodes are of Æ3mm, Æ5mm, Æ8mm, or other diameters. Colors used are red, yellow, blue, green, orange and white. Number of LED diodes is not limited, it depends on requirements and readability of the table. Proper work of the LEDs is constaintly monitored and if any of them is broken, driver detect and signalise it.

Point of the panel work is set by programming the driver. LED can pulsate either fast or slow, it can also shine constantly or inversionly. One alarm can be attached to several LED, one LED can be activated by several alarms. Each event can be backuped with acustic signal.

MTS drivers are connected to the systems by RS232 series junction. Operation of the driver stems from series transmission protocol. Exchange of information is being supervised by the driver and various alarm conditions are sygnalised.

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